2016' - 2017' News and Community Events Bulletin Board.



o  Buddy and Ella Johnson Local Celebration - Darlington County Natives To Be Nationally Recognized.  [Click here]


o  Buddy and Ella Johnson Narrative[Click here]


o Happy Thanksgiving 2016' Wishes from  CRC INC.  [Click here]


o Historical Marker for Round O Community and Former Senator Kay Patterson To Be Dedicated on December 11, 2016. [Click here]


o Merry Christmas 2016' and Happy New Year 2017' From CRC INC. [Click here]


o  CRC INC. 44th Anniversary Celebration - January 1, 2017.  [Click here]


o 31st Annual Darlington County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration. [Click here]


o 44th Anniversary  Director's Corner Funding Drive. [Click here]


o USC to honor Reconstruction-era African-American Professor Richard T. Greener with Statue. [Click here]


o  CRC INC. presents the 11th Annual Heart Celebration presenting "My Heart - My Child". [Click here]


o 11th Annual Heart Celebration presenting "My Heart - My Child" Event Application. [Click here]


o  2017' Director's Corner First Quarter Newsletter : The Continuation of Black History Month.  [Click here]


o Ist Annual Intergenerational Empowerment Environmental Extravaganza Heart Love Celebration. [Click here]


o 2017' John Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund Program and Dinner. [Click here]


2017' Memorial Day Holiday Weekend[Click here] 



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