Programs.  CRC INC. provides programs that are tailored to address the needs of our surrounding community in the areas of community wellness, education, after-school support, and summer activities focused on education, life-skills, and recreation.  The following narratives are provided for the programs offered by CRC INC:

Save The Children Program.  The Darlington County Cultural Realism Complex, Inc. is totally committed to the  dreams of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by sponsoring county-wide activities emphasizing our community's need to remember the past as we proceed toward the future with anticipation, but also hope. "Committed to the Dream  - Save the Children" was the title of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration held on January 17, 2005.  

  The many ills facing our children in today's society can no longer be addressed simply by a single entity but wholly by the community.  The Darlington County "Committed to the Dream - Save The Children" Program was created for addressing short-comings within our community's educational, theological, business, and judicial institutions as well as a venue to encourage mentoring and entrepreneurship.  The program's mantra "it takes a community to raise a child" incorporates a partnership with the whole community to ensure this program is a viable success.

  At a time when our children are lacking positive role models and effective leadership, “Committed To The Dream – Save The Children” was chaired on April 23, 2005 to formulate an action plan to address the many negative influences within our community.  “Committed To The Dream – Save The Children" consist of members of our educational, theological, businesses, and judicial institutions as well as parents, teachers, mentors, and youth.

  The community-concept seeks to address the individual, the family, the church, the school, and business communities as a single entity interdependent on one another.  This concept was echoed by the individual for whom this holiday we celebrate with the following quote, "We  must live together as brothers or perish as fools", unquote.  

  The beginning date for the “Committed To The Dream – Save The Children” Project was February 26, 2005 with no end in sight.  Each level of completion will call for another to begin.



Our Children...The future of our nation.


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   After-school Program for Children .  CRC Inc. provides an after-school program  for school-aged children in Darlington County.  Our  after-school children program is focused on helping Darlington County Students in areas of Reading, Writing, and Math as well as other educational requirements mandated by the S.C. Department of Education.

                     Goal:  Helping children to catch-up and move ahead with an emphasis placed on tutorial/enrichment through individual or group instruction.

                     Beginning Date:  TBA

                     Group:  Boys and Girls

                     Ages:  6-10

                     Time:  3:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Monday thru Thursday












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  Empowerment Dream Fest For Children. The Empowerment Summer Dream Fest For Children seeks to provide an avenue and activities for

            working families or single-parents during the summer months.

           Theme:  Education ABC

           Mission:  To present classes and activities in remediation and enrichment reinforcing S.C. Dept. of Education Curriculum Standards, Character

                       Education, the Arts, and Life Skills with challenging and positive emphasis on the development of the total child.

        Dates:  TBA

        Group:  Boys and Girls

        Ages:  6-14

           Time:  7:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Monday thru Friday




A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I am prepared for the task at hand.

Teacher, I'm finished with my assignment.


A little physical activity never hurt anyone.






                                  Learning to cook, and afterward, eating.



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 Junior Leadership Team.  The Junior Leadership Team was created to address a void in the lives of young Darlingtonians in addressing the negative attributes often associated with teen-agers.

Vision Statement:  The Junior Leadership Team seeks to change the perception of youth and teen-agers in Darlington County by learning and demonstrating positive services in the home, school, and community.

Theme:  "Standing for something or falling for anything"

Goal:  Youth developing and using their leadership skills

Groups:  Boys and Girls

Ages:  13-17

Classes:  All classes are designed and carried out by team members and supervised by adults.  Classes provided are the following:

  • Empowerment / Character Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment Skills
  • Managing Life
  • Conflict Resolution





     Miss SCHJITT 2006, Marissa Glover, career

goal is to teach Music Education.

 Kirby Samuel seeks to attend GA Tech.

and become a Chef.



Stanley King seeks to attend a leading

Engineering School.






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Cultural / Therapeutic Programs.  Cultural / Therapeutic Programs are programs that seeks talent, whether locally or in an adjacent city, county, or state.  CRC INC. desires to unearth the hidden gem among us as well as provide a venue for community support for such talent.


Goal:  To provide cultural / therapeutic programs for both artistic and intellectual development.


Sponsorship:  CRC INC.'s Cultural / Therapeutic Programs is a sponsor of the following:

  • Sponsor for the South Carolina Hal Jackson's Talented Teen
  • Sponsor of local, state, and national performing groups







Ms. Kimberly Aiken - Miss America 94  

The William Gerald Quartet




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Hal Jackson International Talented Teens:








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Intergenerational Extravaganza  - Sharing and Giving.  During August-time frame, CRC INC. will hold its Annual Intergenerational Extravaganza. Festival.  For more details, click on events tab.  

Theme:  "Your Time Now - Save The Children - Save The World".  


Mission:  To give 100% to our children as they readjust their focus from vacation to education for the upcoming school year.  The community will help our children in crossing the bridge of learning to success.  This annual event was attended by leaders and laypeople, interested parties, educators, and teen-agers beholding the wisdom and teachings from elders in their respected areas of physical therapy, to education, to religion, and community wellness.

Goal:  To promote a partnership among individuals of all ages working together for a positive quality of life in the family, home, school, and community.




Programs / Classes / Workshops / Mentoring

  • Empowerment
  • Boys to Men
  • Girls to Women
  • Family Life / Parent Education
  • Budgeting / Management
  • Technology  / Life Skills
  • History  - The Past / Present / Future
  • The Family Night Out
















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