Historical.  Historical is defined as relating to history, based on or concerned with events in history, or important or famous in history.  During the period leading-up to our nations 1976 Bicentennial Celebration, many within our community believed we had nothing "of historical value or significance" which to celebrate. Ironically, CRC INC. was founded on the premise that African-Americans had added, substantially, to the very historical fabric of our city, county, and state noted by the many Historical Markers in our county such as that of Zachariah W. Wines (right top), the first black businessman and legislature from Darlington County to serve during both Reconstruction and Redemption Periods (left).  "Research and Documentation" are core pillars of CRC INC.'s Foundation necessary for instilling within our community a sense of well-being, respect, and dignity.


Zachariah W. Wines, 1847-1920

 First Black Businessman and Representative

     in Darlington County. Photo courtesy of CRC INC.

















Marker 16-21, Zachariah Wines

Cheraw Street, Society Hill

        Black Merchant and Educator Zachariah Wines, was born in 1847 in Society Hill, represented Darlington County

         in the S.C. House 1876 - 78, and was commissioned Captain in the National Guard by Gov. Wade Hampton in

         1877.  He taught at nearby Waddell School and later served as Society Hill Postmaster, 1897-1904.  He died in

         1920 and is buried about 1/3 mile northeast.  Erected by Darlington County Bicentennial Committee for Ethnic

         Participation - 1979.   Photo courtesy of CRC INC.


CRC INC. has from its inception sought to bring to light, the history of a people largely ignored and marginalized by our city, county, state, and nation such as Mrs. Annie G. Nelson (right bottom).









Mrs. Annie G. Nelson

The first African-American Woman to write and publish a novel in S.C. was born

and reared in Darlington County. Photo courtesy of CRC INC.

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Cultural.  To tell a poignant story of historic significance, CRC INC. sought both intellectual and artistic creativity in the form of a theatrical production to achieve this goal.  Such was the case in February 1986' when the 1957' play written by Loften Mitchell, "A Land Beyond the River" based on S.C. Pastor and School Teacher J.A. De Laine (middle top row with Briggs Petitioners) historic court case,  Briggs vs. Elliott, which ended segregation in public schools during the "Civil Rights Era".



                                Briggs Petitioners and their families at St. Mark A.M.E. Church in Summerton (1949).

    Photo Courtesy of Cecil J. Williams



Cast of "A Land Beyond The River" by Loften Mitchell directed by Whitfield Sims performed at the

CRC INC. Theater of Performing  Arts on February 14-16, 1986 in Darlington, S.C.  

Family members are also shown.  Photo courtesy of CRC INC.


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o  The neglect of South Carolina's Rural Schools - The Corridor of Shame.

o  Race, Politics, and a Bridge in South Carolina - A New Yorks Times Article by Adam Nossiter, dtd, Feb. 25, 2007.



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Educational.  The classroom was never far from CRC INC. Founder, Mrs. Wilhelmina P. Johnson (right top).  An opportunity to always educate and inform the children that had been entrusted to her care by  local parents.  A retired Home Economist, she began her career in Darlington County with the Clemson University Extension Service.  This was followed by a brief tenure at Mayo High School and, subsequently, St. John High School from which she would retire.  She found it necessary to use CRC INC. as a venue to provide the local African-American Community with a safe haven by providing one the first after-school programs in Darlington County (below).


CRC INC. After-school Program Baton Class Participants.

Photo courtesy of CRC INC.


For over 35-years, CRC Inc. has either provided or sponsored an after-school program responsible for the three "r"s - reading, writing, and arithmetic as well as sponsoring educational-oriented programs such as the Spelling Bee Contest of the Pee Dee (below).  



Spelling Bee of the Pee Dee Contestants.

Sponsored by CRC Inc. on Saturday, November 6, 1999  Photo courtesy of CRC INC.


The after-school program continues to focus on the basic three "r"s but also preparing both elementary, Junior High School, and High School in preparation for both PACT and Exit Exams.


SUMMERFEST FOR CHILDREN:  During the summer months, CRC INC. sposnors the Summerfest for Children geared at reinforcing South Carolina's Educational Standards and other activities at the Vision Center located at 302 Pearl St.  For program details, please call (843) 393-9762.


EMPOWERMENT CLASSES:  CRC INC. sponsors a three-week Empowerment Class and Workshop for Adults focusing on life-skills, public speaking, health, and other issues of community concern.  For details,  please call (843) 393-9762.

Mrs.  Johnson (top row, second from left) with students during

her tenure at St. John  High School along with Mrs. Annie G. Nelson.   Photo courtesy of CRC INC.


































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Humanities.  Humanities is defined as the language, literature, and art of a people.  CRC INC. has sought to capture the artistic and musical creativity of those that left there mark on the landscape of America and Europe, thus, reaching beyond generations and boundaries.


Art.  Art is often been used within the educational process to ignite the learning faculties of students.  Whether a canvas painting, a picture, or combination thereof, to ignite within the observer, the need to inquire.  The following is provided:


Picture Theme:  This collage aesthetic-style made famous by Romare Beardon depicts a collection of African-American "Heroes"whom were trailblazers in the areas of Sports, Civil Rights, Education,  Medicine, Military, Religion, and Media as well as unpleasant moments of our people. Photo courtesy of CRC INC.













Baptism in the River.

Picture Theme:  The theme of this canvas painting is "Baptism in the River".  The artist potrays a convert seeking  to begin his earthly jouney of Christianity by being baptised in the river overlooked by the Church.  The baptism is performed by the Pastor assisted by a lay person.  The waterfall to the rear,  symbolizes the "old man of sin" being "washed away" by the "Water" of the Word Of God. Photo courtesy of CRC INC.










Picture Theme:  The theme of this canvas picture is "Fishing on the River Bank".  The artist portrays two elderly women  enjoying an afternoon together on the river bank fishing, without the interference of family members or children.Photo courtesy of CRC INC.









                             Fishing on the River Bank.


  o For additional web access to Romare Bearden Art, [click here]






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Music.  It is often said of music, "it is the ember that never dies in the smoldering soul".  Such is the music that Buddy Johnson composed and performed during his lifetime.  His music has touched R&B and Jazz and his many compositions have brought pleasure to millions through recordings by such artists as Barbara Streisand, Ray Charles, Charlie Rich, Doris Day, Mavis Staples, and countless others.


The Big Band Sound:  Darlington's own Buddy Johnson perfected his own musical style called the Walk em' Rhythm.  The music in which Buddy Johnson composed and performed can only be summed up into one word; enduring. Accompanied by his orchestra, and his beloved sister, Ella, his musical genius continues to touch existing genres of music and musicians alike.  


Brief Artists Biographies.  In 1915, born Woodrow Wilson Johnson, in Darlington, S.C., Buddy Johnson learned to play the piano at the age of 4 and in 1938, he journeyed to New York City.  In 1939, he joined the Cotton Club Revue as pianist for the Tramp Washboard Band touring London, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin before returning to the United States.  Shortly thereafter, in 1939, he began his recording career with Decca Records with his first hit recording Stop pretending.  Born on June 22, 1923 in Darlington, S.C., Ella Johnson would soon join her brother in New York City in 1939.  It was her plaintive voice treatment of Please Mr. Johnson, recorded in October 1940, making this his second hit.  Armed with two recording hits, a 16 piece band, his beloved sister, Ella, and Arthur Prysock, work was always steady.  With such hits as When My Man Comes Home, #1 on the R&B Charts which stayed on the National Charts for 24 Weeks.  For over 20 years, Buddy Johnson's music loomed large on-stage and airways leaving all that saw and heard this musical genius with the everlasting thought - mesmerizing.


Buddy Johnson (standing at far left) with Orchestra featuring

Ella Johnson (seated in foreground). All Pictures courtesy

of the Buddy & Ella Johnson Family and CRC Inc.





                     Buddy Johnson




                        Ella Johnson







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