Director's Corner.  Greetings and salutations from the desk of Executive Director, Mrs. Wilhelmina P. Johnson (below).  This will be the second in a series of publications called the Director's Corner highlighting our programs of the current or bi-annual years while we look forward to the upcoming new year.


Mrs. Wilhelmina P. Johnson

Executive Director - CRC INC.


Celebrating 38-years.  The 2011' year began with noting a major milestone in our organization's history.  For 38-years, the Darlington County Cultural Realism, Inc.  has provided services to our community, our city, our county, our state, and our beloved country.  CRC INC. began with the mandate to unearth the contributions African-Americans of our county during our country's 1976' Bicentennial Celebration.  As a member of the Darlington County's Bicentennial Committee on Ethnic Participation, I was nearly mortified when committee members stated that they had "nothing in which to celebrate".  To my dismay, this untruth could not continue unimpeded.  In response, CRC INC. was created in January 1, 1973.  Since its inception, one of our CORE Beliefs is "Historical Documentation and Preservation" of such notables as Zachariah Wines, the First Black Businessman and Legislature (below, left), Isaiah DeQuincey Newman, Minister and Civil Rights Leader, on October 25, 1983 became the first African-American since 1887 to serve in the S.C. State Senate, and Mrs. Annie Greene Nelson, the first Black Woman to publish a Novel in S.C. (below, right). They all hold the distinction of being or having been Darlingtonians.  Hello!!!!  We as people have something to celebrate and to be proud of.


Zachariah Wines, First Black Businessman and Legislature from Darlington County.


Isaiah DeQuincey Newman

being welcomed into the S.C. State Senate.


Mrs. Annie G. Nelson, second left front row, with members of the

Darlington County Bicentennial Committee on Ethnic Participation.



After-school Program for Children. During the 2009' Spring Semester, CRC INC. will be a host site for the Fundamentals Free Tutoring Program.  As a former Educator with over 40-years experience as a Home Economist in the Darlington County School District, I am willing to support programs that have a desire and enthusiasm in helping our children.  As the old saying goes, "It takes a community to raise a child". Let's get involve in our children's lives.  For our children are the future our country!!!





Young minds eager to learn.






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  2009 Darlington County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration.  On January 19, 2009, Rev. Dr. William P. Diggs, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Florence, S.C., gave an arousing speech on the verge of the inauguration of the first African-American to be elected to the highest office in the land.  His speech culminated a three-day celebration in which he soberly reminded  those in attendance that this occasion memorialized a life given to peace, love, hope, and understanding.  He stated Dr. King's Life and Message ran counter to the power structure and the status-quo of his day.  And because of such, they labelled him a trouble-maker just because he sought to confront America with its need to live up to what it had etched on paper, i.e., the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the need for justice, the right to protest against injustice, protection under the law, and equal employment.  He further emphasized the need in this present day for continued vigilance due to  increased poverty, unemployment, homelessness, indifference, and racism walking in our midst and among us. 


                   Presidential Candidate Barak Obama posing

                        with Choir Members at St. James UMC.



Save The Children Program.  "Committed to the Dream  - Save the Children" was the title of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration held on January 17, 2005.  The many ills facing our children in today's society can no longer be addressed simply by a single entity but wholly by the community.  The Darlington County "Save The Childrern" Program was created for addressing short-comings within our community's educational, theological, business, legal, and social institutions as well as a venue to encourage mentoring and entrepreneurship.  The program's mantra "it takes a community to raise a child" incorporates a partnership with the whole community to ensure this program is a viable success.  2010' is a continuation of the plan that began on February 26, 2005.



Save the Children Adult and Teen-Age Participants -

chaired and sponsored by CRC INC.  - January 2005



2008 and 2009 Miss South Carolina Hal Jackson's International Talented Teen Finals.  On June 14, 2008, we held our 31st Annual Miss South Carolina Hal Jackson's International Talented Teen (SCHJITT) Finals at the Elizabeth B. Coker Performing Arts Center in Hartsville, S.C. with the winner being Deondra Gidron from Columbia, S.C. (right).   The event also featured the 30th Year Reunion of Former Miss S.C. Teen Winners demonstrating the positive attributes of the S.C. Talented Teen Finals and its impact on their lives afterward.  A night to remember for all those that attended!!!!  Deondra would go on to place 1st Runner-up in the 38th Annual Hal Jackson's Talented Teen International Scholarship Competition in Tortola, British Virgin Islands!!    On June 13, 2009, the 32nd Annual Miss SCHJITT Finals was held at the Florence-Darlington Technical College, Florence, S.C. with Lachune' Boyd from Darlington, S.C. being crowned the winner (below).  Great job ladies!!!!



2009 'Miss SC Hal Jackson's

Talented Teen.


2008 Miss SC Hal Jackson's

Talented Teen.













  Empowerment Summer Dream Fest For Children.  From June 8, 2009 - July 24, 2009, CRC INC. sponsored its Annual Empowerment Summer Dream Fest For Children.  Theme  - Education ABC  Mission  - To present classes and activities in remediation and enrichment reinforcing the S.C. Dept. of Education Curriculum Standards, Character Education, the Arts, and Life- Skills to children with challenging and positive emphasis on the development of the total child.  As previous years, the annual summer fest for children was a huge success engaging the child and teenager in spirited activities, thought and education, presentation, and discipline.



A student reads her story to the class.




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 July 4th, 2009 Celebration.  On July 2, 2009, CRC INC. began celebrating the upcoming 4th of July Holiday by holding a program to remind Empowerment Summer Dream Fest for Children participants and their families that our freedom is not free.  It came with a very steep price from our nation's soldiers, citizens-soldiers, and civil rights participants throughout the centuries to include the present day.  Happy Birthday, America.





    3rd Annual Intergenerational Extravaganza. On August 29, 2009, CRC INC. held its 3rd Annual Intergenerational Extravaganza (IGE).  Theme - "Crossing The Bridge Together  - Together, We Can"   Mission - To give 100% to the children as they change their focus from play to education for the 2009/2010 School Year.  The community will help the children to cross the bridge of knowledge to success.  This annual event was attended by leaders and laypeople, interested parties, educators, and teenagers beholding the teachings from leaders in their respected areas from physical fitness, to education, and community wellness.  Featured speakers for the occasion were Mr. Leon Love and Mr. Joseph McGill.  For more on the 3rd IGE, click here.







Help for Haiti.  With the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti, the urgency of the present compels me to ask each and everyone of you, if in your means, to support the on-going disaster relief effort.  No donation is to small.  Click on tab at right for more details.






Financial Drive - Giving Back.  CRC INC. during the past has sought donations from individuals, corporations, churches, and institutions to assist in alleviating our debt necessitated in providing both a presence and service to our surrounding community, city, county, and state.  Please provide a generous donation, no amount is to small when given from the heart.


Make your check payable to the "Darlington County Cultural Realism Complex, Inc."


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