MAJOR SITE LOCATIONS.  The Darlington County Cultural Realism Complex, Inc. has three major locations in Darlington County that are historical in presence with everlasting character:  The following is provided:


PEARL STREET.  Pearl Street is the main location for the Darlington County Cultural Realism Complex, Inc.  The 304 Building is called the CRC Vision Center (left). Acquired in 1995, the 304 Building has 40 Rooms for Entrepreneurial Offices, School, Day-Care, and After-School Programs.  Historically, the 304 Building is the former Wilson Clinic and location where the first African-American Doctor during the Reconstruction Period practiced medicine.  The 302 Building is called the CRC Family Center.  The 302 Building has the necessary space to facilitate town meetings, family reunions, evening dinners, and other  scheduled events (right).  Historically, the 302 Building served as the local American Legion from the mid-40s to the mid-70s.


Building 304 - CRC Vision Center.

Building 302 - CRC Family Center.


COKER STREET. The Darlington County Cultural Realism Complex, Inc. acquired the old Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church Property in 1981.  Both Church and Parsonage were built in 1896.  Today, the old Bethel AME Church Parsonage, located on 114 Coker Street, houses the Historical Museum of Ethnic Culture established in 1975 (bottom).


114 Coker Street - Historical Museum of Ethnic Culture.



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