Major Events.  CRC INC. will sponsor two major events in 2022'. Our first major event of the new year will be the 49th Annual Celebration of the founding of CRC INC.  Our second major event will be the 36th Annual Darlington County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration.  



Happy Birthday CRC INC. !!!!!!!

                           49th Annual Celebration



                   Date:  January 1, 2022'





       A call to action.



                                   36th Annual

        2022' Darlington County Martin Luther King, Jr.

                 Memorial Weekend Itinerary


                 Date:  January 15, 2022'

                 Theme:  "The Beloved Dream: The Fierce

                                            Urgency of Now""


                                  36th Annual

         2022'' Darlington County Martin Luther King, Jr.

                        Church Service Itinerary


                 Date:  January 16, 2022'

                 Time: Regular Church Service Hours

                 Location: County-Wide

                 Theme:  "The Beloved Dream: The Fierce

                                         Urgency of Now"












                                     36th Annual

           2022' Darlington County Martin Luther King, Jr.

                      Official Holiday Service Itinerary


               Date: January 17, 2022'

               Time: 12 noon - 1:30 pm

               Location: Butler Heritage Community Center

                              1103 S. 6th Street, Hartsville, S.C.

               Theme: "The S.C. history that shaped America"

               Keynote Speaker: Mr. Cecil Williams



                    Owner, S.C. Civil Rights Museum, Orangeburg, S.C.


                             Sponsor: People to People, Hartsville, S.C.


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