Major Events.  CRC INC. will sponsor four major events in 2018'. Our first major event of the new year will be the 45th Annual Celebration of the founding of CRC INC.  Our second major event will be the 32nd Annual Darlington County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration.  Our third major event is the 12th Annual Heart Celebration. Our final major event of the year is the 12th Annual Intergenerational Extravaganza. The following itineraries are provided for each event:




Happy Birthday CRC INC. !!!!!!!

                           45th Annual Celebration



                  Date:  January 1, 2018'

                  Time: 12 pm

                  Location: 302 Pearl Street, Darlington, S.C.



       A call to action.



                                   32nd Annual

        2018' Darlington County Martin Luther King, Jr.

                 Memorial Weekend Itinerary


                 Date:  January 13, 2018'

                 Time: 12 pm

                 Location:  302 Pearl Street, Darlington, S.C.

                 Theme:  "World Unity - Peace, Hope, Love, and Understanding"



                                  32nd Annual

         2018' Darlington County Martin Luther King, Jr.

                        Church Service Itinerary


                 Date:  January 14, 2018'

                 Time: Regular Church Service Hours

                 Location: County-Wide

                 Theme:  "Committed to the Dream - Committed to Serve"







                                     32nd Annual

           2018' Darlington County Martin Luther King, Jr.

                      Official Holiday Service Itinerary


               Date: January 15, 2018'

               Time: 12:00 Noon

               Location: St. James United Methodist Church

                                312 Pearl Street, Darlington, S.C. 29532

                Theme: "World Unity - Peace, Hope, Love, and Understanding"



                 Keynote Speaker:  Rev. Michelle Law-Gordon (above)

                                               Pastor, Open Door Baptist Church


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45th Annual King & Queen of Hearts





12th Annual Heart Celebration

 Event Itinerary


                                            Date: March 24, 2018

                                             Time:  3:00 pm

                                             Location: CRC Vision Center,

                                                         302 Pearl Street, Darlington, S.C.

                                             Theme: "My Heart..My Child..Our Children"








                If you want to understand today, you have to

             search yesterday.  Pearl S. Buck






          12th Annual Intergenerational

         Extravaganza Festival



                                             Date: TBD

                                             Time:  TBD

                                             Schedule: TBD



                                              Location:  CRC Vision Center,  

                         302 Pearl St, Darlington, S.C.

                                            Theme: TBD












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